Brian Flynn, Creme Global

Brian Flynn is a Food Data Scientist at Creme Global and is the work package leader of WP5. Brian has a background in food science, food safety and dietary exposure, is a graduate of University College Dublin and spent a year at the European Food Safety Authority in the Food Ingredients and Packaging Unit.

Creme Global is a Dublin based company with expertise in scientific modelling, data analytics and computing. With over 10 years experience working with leaders in the food industry, research institutes and government organisations, Creme Global are committed to helping these organisations make better decisions on food safety issues with their data.

As part of the SAFFI project Creme Global will co-develop and deliver to stakeholders a decision-support system (DSS) tool. This tool will significantly enhance safety control all along the food chain by integrating the databases, procedures and methods and will be a framework for a generic DSS dedicated to other foods. Through various stages of the DSS design, from early data discovery to data gathering, validation and finally model and tool design – SAFFI project DSS tool will be built in close collaboration with experts across various work packages, in both EU and China.

Creme Global
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