Dr. Erwan Engel

Erwan Engel is senior scientist at INRAE. He heads a research group near Clermont-Ferrand (MASS / QuaPA Research Unit). His research aims at enhancing both surveillance and control of human exposure to food chemical hazards. With the objective of strengthening the current food safety system, he coordinates the ANR SENTINEL Collaborative Research Project (CRP, 2020-2024) and the H2020 SAFFI Research and Innovation Action (RIA, 2020-2024). His research also aims at anticipating the chemical risks related to the coming transition towards sustainable food systems like the current massive transition towards organic food through the ANR SOMEAT (CRP, 2013-2017) or like the recent prospects offered by insect-based bioconversion through the INSECT4CITY French network he is chairing. He has also been expert for ANSES since 2018 in its food chemical risk assessment panel (CES ERCA) and in its working group dedicated to the next total diet study (GT EAT3).



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